10 Tips To Painting The Interior Of Your House - Get The Best Results

There's no question that the interior of your home will have a big influence on the way that you enjoy it. While your furniture and decor will certainly matter, it's also important to pay attention to the paint inside your home.

Here are the ten top tips to remember.

1. Match Colors - Be sure to spend some time matching up colors to your furniture, carpet, and other interior decor. Don't just guess while you're at your local paint store, either. Take some samples home to see how the colors look in your home and with your lighting to make sure they're right.

2. Understand Colors - You need to know more about colors, too. Certain colors will lighten a room, set a certain mood, and more. Learn a bit more about the colors before you choose.

3. Start From the Top - When you paint, begin at your highest point and work down. This means paint the ceiling first, then move down as you go. This way if you drip paint, you'll end up painting over it later anyway.

4. Use The Right Brushes - Be sure to select the best brushes for the job. Different types of brushes are better for different types of paint or for different paint jobs. Get small and large ones and make sure they're not cheap budget brushes.

5. Learn To Use Them - You can't just throw paint on the wall and smear it with the brushes. Be sure that you actually learn how to properly use a brush, including general applications and how to 'cut in' correctly.

6. Use Other Tools - Rollers can speed up the process quickly, and 'corner brushes' make it easy to apply paint in tight spaces. Avoid using paint sprayers inside since they only create a mess.

7. Tape - Unless you're a serious pro, you'll want to use painters tape to guard against getting the wrong color paint on hard edges. This is really useful when painting against trim.

8. Use Drop Cloths - Your floors are expensive, and if you drip paint on them you'll be in big trouble. Use plastic or canvas drop clothes at all times.

9. Stay Safe - When on ladders, be sure that you secure them and that you're careful. Otherwise you run the risk of injury.

10. Paint Trim Separately - If you're redoing a room and don't have trim installed, paint it and the walls before you hang the trim. You'll speed up the painting process tremendously.